About Harris…

As an experienced Creative Director, I provide innovative and inspiring design solutions specifically targeted to intensify a brand’s positive presence in the marketplace. I have contributed my talent to an illustrious list of Fortune 500 companies: Major League Baseball, Ralph Lauren, Warner Media and Disney. I have also conceived co-branded programs for NASCAR, Tiffany & Co, Pepsi, Firestone, Taco Bell, T-Mobile, Scotts, and NASA.

I build, manage, and lead dynamic creative teams. My design experience is extensive and diversified across industries, and regions. This indispensable quality is paramount when supervising multi-million dollar events such as the MLB All-Star Game and the MLB World Series.

Approaching every project with enthusiasm, I call upon my vast skill set to produce the finest creative in a timely and cost effective manner. Contingent upon the assignment, I am known for the following proficiencies: management and design direction of creatives and outside suppliers/vendors, budget/timeline generation and follow-through, on-site supervision of installations/deconstructions, press communications, environmental branding, and on-site production for films, live broadcasts, concerts, sporting events and presentations.

I am always interested in exploring new challenges and opportunities where I can provide state-of-the-art creative direction and quality control.

When I am not busy designing, you can find me consulting, playing my guitar and mountain biking.

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